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An Online College located in San Diego, California, the University of Ashford. In 2005, Bridgepoint Education Inc. was bought by the former Mount St. Clare College in Iowa, which changed its name to Ashford University and opened a San Diego campus. The Iowa Campus was closed in 2016 and is now a university with all its courses online, offering associates, bachelors and masters through five separate colleges: Forbes Business and Technology School; Education College; Wellness College; Community Resources and Science; Liberal Arts College; and Honors College.

The University of Iowa has over 50 different universities through 5 various colleges. Ashford has a 15:1 student-to-faculty ratio of more than 41,300 students. The full-time online tuition is $11,032 for one year. Ashford has been among the most affordable four-year colleges, with tuition 33 percent lower than the national average, on the National Center for Education Statistics 2015.

The recent trend that millions of students around the globe are accepting online learning. The services help work and research together, where students can practice conveniently. However, it can be challenging to arrive at approved colleges, provided that the programs are online. Students must learn all the knowledge from alumni reports and courses taught by this University. There are well-known universities like Ashford University AU, a prominent online profitable university. The University of Ashford was established in 1918, and thousands of students were enrolled for different certifications. In various online programs, the AU offers companion, bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees. The University of Ashford is accredited by the education department and contains five colleges with education, industry, healthcare, community resources, and the liberal arts. 

How to Login to Ashford University?

Step1: Please visit the Ashford official site page Ashford Student Portal that will open the login page

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Step2: Please log in with your username and password.

Step3: Click the 'want to help log' button to help students find it difficult? "Technical assistance will be offered by the platform.

Step4: You are led to the privacy policies and the terms and conditions of the University on the former Rockies Student Portal.

Step5: The student can access all of the functions listed in the menu until signed in.

WayPoint Login Method

The University of Ashford provides the ability to address any student's expectations; it has a customizable entrance. The waypoint function allows direct contact between students and the teacher. The waypoint tool helps each pupil to contact the teacher. Write and test the tasks and send them directly to the facilitator to wait for the response and conversation.


  1. Get a preview of the ranking parts to help with the activities.

  2. If students make a mistake on the first one, they can use the function to show their paper and submit the correct one.

Microsoft Office 365 LoginMethod

University students can use Microsoft 365 without a subscription, from outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.